5 Twitter Trends for Dallas / Fort Worth Businesses

Social media has one constant: change. While platforms like Twitter seem like a great marketing opportunity, it can fail to meet small businesses’ initial expectations.

Twitter trends that proved successful in 2017 are no longer relevant today. What’s more, is that trends of today will be rendered irrelevant in another 3 years. Adapting to the latest trends is critical for success.

With the emergence of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, the days of Twitter might see numbered. This is especially true when you consider tweets that get drowned out by celebrity news and political discussions.

But make no mistake, Twitter is here to stay. It has one of the highest engagement rates of any platform and its users are loyal to its medium.

At DFW Social Media Marketing, we examine 5 Twitter trends for Dallas / Fort Worth business owners in 2020:

1) Go All-in on Video Tweets

To engage with followers in 2020, video is necessary. We’ll even take it a step further: it’s mandatory. Think about the most popular social media trends on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They all relate to video of some kind. Instagram has stories and IGTV, Facebook has Facebook Live, and YouTube’s entire platform is video-centric. Twitter has begun to understand its importance by allowing users to upload larger and longer videos to their tweets.

Businesses who utilize video within tweets will succeed in 2020. Here’s some examples:

  • A podcast snippet showing you in-studio, or on Zoom
  • A promotional video designed by a professional video expert
  • A repurposed blog post (someone explaining the post, on-video)
  • A video advertisement

These are not the only options available. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like when incorporating videos.

Check out this tweet that showcases video:

As you can see by the likes and comments, this tweet received a lot of engagement. While you hardly have the budget of a professional football team, you can get your share of engagement with a video-based tweet.

It’s not just big-time DFW enterprises that utilize this strategy. Let’s look at a DFW lawyer who does the same:

Don’t feel like you have to mass-produce commercials to get videos on Twitter. You can utilize editing to cut down long videos into shorter snippets, and distribute them across various social media platforms.

2) Ask Questions to Engage Your Audience

Engagement is the goal of social media marketing and one quick tip to get it is through a posed question. Tweets with questions are likelier to draw engagement than statements. For businesses, this can be beneficial in more ways than one. Not only do you generate more brand awareness, but you also might learn more about clients.

When tweets get several replies, they begin to populate on your followers’ app more frequently.

Here are some things to focus on when asking questions on Twitter:

  • Relevance: Questions should be relevant to your business for proper audience engagement
  • Images: Incorporate a visual element with your question for increased engagement
  • Replies: Engage with the people who answer the question, either by liking or responding to their reply
  • Polls: Include a Twitter poll so that people can vote with their response

Here’s an example of a Q & A on Twitter:

Several variables will determine how much or how little engagement a specific tweet receives. Putting yourself in the best position is what you can control as a business owner.

3) Accentuate Tweets With Hashtags

Hashtags give tweets a better chance to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the specificity of each hashtag increases the likelihood of relevant impressions. Let’s say for example you include the hashtag #DFW on your tweet. Dallas – Fort Worth residents are more likely to see the tweet, which is exactly what you’re aiming for here.

While hashtags are clearly beneficial, there are several instances of twitter users abusing them within their tweets. Such abuse not only diminishes their effectiveness but can also negatively influence your account’s reputation. An example of this would be using a trending hashtag in a non-relevant tweet. While trying to get your tweet in front of the most eyes might seem strategic, its long term impact will be negative.

Let’s take a look at a tweet that properly utilizes hashtags

Since DFW clients is this user’s target, a chance to gain new clients is realistic. Had they instead included hashtags like #NYC #MiamiBeach and #LAX, they would have diminished their brand and rendered their message useless.

It is important to stay on top of trending topics, especially local ones. Hashtags trending in the DFW area might be applicable to one or more of your tweets. You may even craft a tweet about a current event which many in your local area are discussing online. If you choose this route, make sure the event ties back to your business someway.

4) Entertain Audiences with GIFs

Twitter is primarily known for GIF tweets which are animated image files that capture a short snippet of a video. While platforms like YouTube are designed for actual video clips, platforms like Twitter thrive on the immediacy of GIFs.

Most tweets with GIFs are intended to be humorous at least, and often sarcastic. Businesses must walk a fine line between these tendencies to maximize their brand.

GIFs should not be confused with video playbacks, which Twitter now also supports in addition to image files.

When you go to write a tweet, you select the GIF icon which will provide a search bar along with a library of GIFs from which you can choose. You also have the option to download or create GIF files yourself, save them to your phone or hard drive, and upload them within the tweet.

Luka GIF Library
Select from a library of GIFs, and specify your need with the search bar

It’s noteworthy to examine how far technology is advanced that we can now communicate with animated image files.

For Dallas based businesses, GIFs can really help your brand relate to its followers and humanize your social media presence. After all, these animate images are freely accessible.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create GIFs from your own video clips. Consider working with employees and staff members to create a lighthearted social media presence that increases brand engagement. Though there is a line businesses should not cross, the immediacy of communication is essential for 2020 marketing.

5) Experiment With Long-Form Tweets

Twitter initially allowed only 140 characters per tweet but that number was expanded to 280 as of 2017. Users had varying opinions about this change with some arguing it went against the core identity of Twitter as a microblogging platform. The last thing most users want is for Twitter to turn into Facebook. In contrast, several users commended the addition, and thanked Twitter for allowing them to expand on their ideas more fully.

Businesses can best utilize longer tweets by combining text with blog post shares. Simply paste your blog URL on the tweet composition and then add a synopsis above it. Traditionally, tweets that only have a link (and rich preview of the post) are viewed as automated and even in some cases, spammy. Adding the extra text proves that your social account is real and not the product of some 3rd party social media service.

Let’s take a look at the example below:

Aside from preventing spam-like tweets, the expanded text allows this user to tag the appropriate accounts and even add hashtags.

Depending on the type of business you run, it might be helpful to include statistics at the top of the tweet, and anything else that would encourage a click-through.

Just like with SEO meta descriptions, these previews can increase the rate by which users click on the blog post.

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